Note From The President

If you attended our Annual Meeting, you already know that Southwest Gas intends to replace gas line pipes in our neighborhood.  The current pipes are old, deteriorating, have low density capacity, and many are in areas difficult to reach or are exposed because of boulders.  A leak survey was completed recently which alerted Southwest Gas for line replacement.  Representatives of Southwest Gas and their contractor, Northern Pipe Line, have already been in the neighborhood locating all the lines and meters. Some preliminary work to prepare for the distribution lines has already been accomplished at certain locations in the neighborhood.  In addition, a few homeowners have been contacted in special situations.

Southwest Gas has already been replacing pipelines in the foothills including Sin Vacas, Skyline Country Club, and Cobblestone, all of which have rocky terrain similar to ours.  The original lines in our area are pre-1970s with smaller density capacity and are starting to deteriorate. Details of the Coronado Foothills Estates project are still being completed since there are approximately 7 miles of line in our area.  Southwest Gas intends to start the main project in March of this year with the project being completed in 2017.  There are some limited areas which will not be affected, but complete details are not yet available.

Prior to the first work within the subdivision, Blue Stake crews and possibly crews from other utilities will be locating lines.  They will also be “Pink Staking” as part of the Right-of-Way survey.

At all times, all personnel from Southwest Gas and Northern Pipe Line will wear identification badges.  Crews plan to work from 7am to 5:30 pm for now and 6:30 am to 5 pm in the summer unless special situations require longer hours.

The first part of the work involves installing new distribution lines in streets interior to our subdivision.  This requires digging in the street and sometimes limiting the flow of traffic to one lane.  Flagmen will keep the construction areas safe and keep traffic flowing.  In the rare case that a driveway is temporarily blocked, they have plates to cover any holes so access can be available in minutes.  After a line has been installed, they will put a temporary patch on the road.  These temporary patches may exist for some time until a paving crew comes through to put in a permanent patch.

The second part of the work will be connecting the houses to the new distribution lines in the streets.  (If you do not have gas now, but would like to have it installed, we’d recommend waiting until this project is finished. Contact with customer service is required.)

Prior to work:

  • Most homeowners who do not have their meters at the house will be contacted to have them moved from the property line to the house. (Currently, any line from the house to a meter at the property line is the responsibility of the homeowner should it need repair or replacement.)
  • Door tags will be placed on doors approximately two weeks prior to when workers will be in the area. Recognizing that there will be extended times when homeowners may not be home, we recommend that you talk with your neighbors to help with communications.

  During the work:

  • If your meter is old and outdated, it will be replaced.
  • New connections will be created from meters to distribution lines.
  • There should not be any extended outages since a plumber will be on site to hook new lines to houses and tend to any appliances in the house needing startup.

  After the work:

  • SW Gas or Northern Pipeline will cut out and remove exposed pipes soon after a particular area is completed.
  • In the cases where vegetation was removed, the area will be replanted.

We hope that homeowners will be able to cooperate with the organizations installing the new lines and services as the project is occurring.  This upgrade will make our area safer and limit the liability of homeowners where the meters are placed at the house.  The crews have asked that you do not stay in areas where construction is taking place so that they can keep those areas safe.

Your Homeowners Association will meet periodically with supervisors for the project so that we can provide updates as progress occurs.  If you are not already a member, we encourage you to join your HOA and provide your email address to receive timely information.

Visit the website for updates as they become available.