To maintain the high quality of life and respect for The Foothills environment expected by homeowners so that Coronado Foothills Estates is known as a very desirable place to live in Tucson. 



To bring together property owners within Coronado Foothills Estates for the purpose of upholding the covenants, conditions and restrictions that run with title to property in Coronado Foothills Estates as we seek to maintain property values, attract new homeowners, and care for a beautiful place to live.


Objectives - Strategic

  • Update Conditions, Reservations and Restrictions
  • Activate an Architectural Review Committee
  • Play leadership role building awareness of Golder Ranch Fire District annexation proposals across The Foothills
  • Pursue growth of CFHA membership to at least 80% of properties


Objectives - Tactical - 2013

  • Improve safety of our roads - work with County to remove vegetation from rights of way
  • Review communications process(es) for effectiveness and timeliness
  • Consider installation of CFE entry signs


Objectives - Tactical - 2014 +

  •    Work with County for possible repair and repaving of roads


On-Going Operational Initiatives

  •  Periodico newsletter
  •  Buffelgrass & Fountain Grass removal
  •  Dog waste bag dispensers
  •  Annual yard waste container deployment
  •  Communications process - improve access to property homeowners
  •  "Bill boards" for Board and Annual meetings
  •  Annual membership party
  •  Corps of volunteers
  •  New homeowner welcome and information process
  •  Ensure clear identification of CFE CCRs in R/E listings